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With over a decade of specializing in tax accounting for law enforcement, we have the answers and solutions to get you back the highest refund possible. We are Income Tax for Law Enforcement!


Do your taxes from your cruiser!

We believe your time is valuable.  That a 2-4 hour wait time WITH an appointment is unacceptable! 

We offer virtual and in-office appointments!

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While you’re taking care of the community and sacrificing your lives every day, we are taking care of your financial needs.  We hold the utmost respect for law enforcement and believe you deserve special attention at tax time.  It is our gift back to you for your dedication and service to keeping us safe and sound. 

Our company is designed for the unique needs of Law Enforcement to help you get the Highest Return you deserve!  

We do not use a one size fits all approach to doing taxes. We know you have unique and special needs while employed as an officer that differ from the average client. 

We know you have choices. You can “buy a box”. You can go to one of those chain stores. You can go to the guy your parents have gone to for years. Some of these choices may even seem a cheaper option than coming to us, but are they really? No guarantees, but we usually, legally get our average client back a considerably higher amount of money than what most of our clients are used to prior to getting their taxes done with Copstax. Our tax accountants are enrolled agents and CPA's who have gone through rigorous testing and background checks. We take dozens of hours of ongoing education to keep up with the constantly changing tax laws.