Deena Goddard, CPA


Deena graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Economics with an accounting emphasis.  She worked for an international CPA firm in Century City as a staff accountant and later as a Senior Auditor.  She passed the CPA exam in 1993 and obtained her CPA license before completely switching career paths, eventually ending up in law enforcement.

She began her law enforcement career as a Deputy Sheriff with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.  During her early years as a Deputy Sheriff, she attended California State University, Long Beach, where she graduated with a Master’s Degree in Emergency Services Administration.  Deena then moved over to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office where she held the positions of D.A. Investigator and Senior D.A. Investigator.  After 14 years in law enforcement, an injury forced Deena to retire from her position at the District Attorney’s Office.

Wanting to keep her ties to law enforcement, Deena decided to return to the world of accounting and focus on working with her sworn brothers and sisters as a registered tax preparer.  As a tax professional and former law enforcement officer, Deena has the unique background of understanding both worlds.  This wealth of experience allows her to understand and analyze the specific tax implications related to those of you in the law enforcement community, as well as those of you in the private sector.